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2016年5月25日 (水)

breaking his cruel enchantment.

The party ended late that night, but talk of Mr. and Mrs Beauty Box. Zebra's outfit kept going well into the morning. Soon all the Zebras, in the jungle, were painting them selves in stripes. Soon Zebras all around the world were doing it to.

  After awhile Mr. and Mrs. Zebra got tired of stripes. But when they tried to wash off there stripes they found that the paint had sunk in well beyond there fur Beauty Box. They couldn't get it off for anything. Soon all the Zebra's started getting tired of stripes. But they couldn't get there's off either!

  To this day the Zebras still can¹t get there stripes off. That is why the Zebra has stripes!

In the morning the lass was taken into the finest room of all Beauty Box, and given a plum. She was told not to break it open until she was in the greatest danger a mortal could be in, and then it would help her. After that, she was set on the Bull's back, and away they went.

  Long they rode, and on they rode, till they came to a dark and ugly glen. There they stopped and she alighted. At that moment she noticed a pin sticking in the hide of the Bull. She pulled it out and at once the Bull changed into the most handsome young knight she had ever seen. He thanked her for breaking his cruel enchantment.

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