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2015年12月29日 (火)

The second buckish, after all, but heart is helpless

Who, who let my second buckish, let my second bleak, I alone. A confusion, in exchange for the carve of time, belong to you and me alone the rustling autumn wind, hard blow slowly cool with you my heart. The change of time, but I don't really change, you will only occasionally and complain, but hidden in the bottom of my heart to heart. Beautiful night, light faint light, the eye moist but no one knows, the in the mind of the helpless and others' ridicule, in you my heart. How the end Dream beauty pro, we don't know, only know that we are in a silent cry.
Memory blurred before, but in the memory of the fuzzy, but I found a lot of, naive as a child, don't know what is sad, thought everything is so beautiful. Teens sexually mature, don't know what is helpless, only now understand what is heartache.
Who let my second buckish, let me in the neon of modern city gradually lost themselves, the closed cold heart. Who make this second my sorrow, let I to this society look on coldly, do not know what is true, also don't want to know. Slowly to hide their true feelings, Diamond water no matter when and where to use the seeming to false smile conceal his helpless sad heart. Heart silence, slowly emerge in the eye, and immediately turned to erase the hint of sadness, who noticed the figure at this time of the helpless, who noticed that the pale smile. To be if you can dream is fixed on wine when songs really handsome. But who know that drunk how mood is cool?
Second part buckish with dream gone with the wind, the moment fans meng best was buried. How to be free and unfettered life heart confusion on wine when songs dream.
I sad dream also scattered, solitary life affection also drunk. Three thousand who cherish, earthly bustling who know.
Who let my second buckish, can be broken ends of the earth to be numerous and complicated; Who let my second bleak, see the world Diamond water. Ups and downs of the heart in the drift of the earth looked so weak and pale. The second buckish eventually is hiding but heart...

« The busy life of our life is to eat | トップページ | of God’s love »





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« The busy life of our life is to eat | トップページ | of God’s love »