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2015年9月24日 (木)

The busy life of our life is to eat

Window is the window of our mind, it brings us a full house of sunshine, hazy moonlight and fresh air.

Through a window, we saw the window of the world, let us full of boundless imagination!

With the change of our living conditions, the so-called window also changed, from this change is becoming more and more wide, our vision is more and more open, the mood is becoming more and more far-reaching.

We used to live in the house are Adobe houses, the window is too small, lack of width of a square mouth, early in the morning every day through the small window, shot into a ray of sunshine, just according to at the end of my bed on the south wall, this will mean that the dawn, it's time to get up. I in the sleepy rush to get up, hurriedly eat breakfast, facing the rising sun, happily step up to school country road, all the way I'll sing with nursery rhymes, mind what all don't want to, carefree, full of sunshine!

After a few years, with the increase of family members, after the parents day and night split stone mountains, days of busy, we in another cover the five large boreal house, door window, indoor wall white as a mirror, bright and spacious; let our family very happy and contented, to our self confidence and enjoy the beginning of a better life. At that time, I have been to the adult, from now on we finally bid farewell to the dark adobe house of the living environment.

In recent years, with a good situation in the transformation of old villages, Adobe houses, have the Spring Festival brick house has gradually become many-storied buildings which make our living environment, but also a big step forward, strive for further improvement, a big turning point, the design is reasonable, the window is bright and spacious, through every fan the window, we see the outside world, radiant glow, blue sky and white clouds, green mountains, oceans, and the world of flowers, every tree and bush, birds flying in the sky, the fish wandering in the pool, the children in the square and play, the old people in the street to enjoy the happiness of a family union; different grades of the vehicle back and forth, busy people kept Kicking Horse out of the window... Everything is clear, open view, outlook, far away, full of reverie!

The busy life of our life is to eat, wear, live, and, with, we pursue the living environment has no end, we must pay a half life, and the environment, but also in constant change.

Anyway, our future window, give us brought hope for a better future, and also opens up and we had a great ambition in the heart!

« Xiangruyimo, okay | トップページ | The second buckish, after all, but heart is helpless »





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